age ten.
This particular year, Danny and his siblings were stuck with their grandparents. Mom and Dad had decided a trip to Aspen with their highest paying clients was more important than Danny's birthday. No presents, no phone call, nothing. His grandma had made cupcakes, but Christopher had eaten them all while everyone was sleeping.

At this point, Danny was used to it. He hadn't even blinked when he realized what had happened the next morning, and it had come as no surprise when his brother didn't even get scolded for the action. It was Danny who was reprimanded later that day when one of Grandma's vases ended up in pieces on the floor, even though he had been nowhere near the scene of the crime.

When his grandma sent him to bed without dinner, Danny sighed, "But, Granny, it's my birthday." While she didn't show any signs of sympathy in front of his grandfather, he found some comfort a few hours later when she opened his bedroom door and left a plate of cookies and a glass of milk on the dresser.

There was a note attached to the plate that read, Happy birthday, kid. We love you.