age six.
One of Danny's first memories was of his sixth birthday party. It was one of the few he could remember where his mother had put effort in. She was holding his crying infant sister on her hip while she carried a cake in her other arm. Danny was too excited about the fact he had a Ninja Turtles cake and that his friends from school were there to pay attention to his older brother, Christopher, who was lurking behind their mother swatting at the cake. The eldest Douglas child was unhappy his little brother was getting all of the attention, so much so his father had actually had to go out and buy him a birthday present, even though it wasn't his birthday. Young Danny didn't care. He had yet to endure the worst of what Christopher Douglas had to offer.

He was clapping, his friends along with him, as his mother went to put the cake on the table in front of him. After this, came presents, and then his two best friends were going to stay the night and they were going to play Nintendo. It was the first time he'd had people other than family over for his big day, and nothing could ruin it.

Except for his jealous brother, that was.

No sooner than the cake was in front of him, before his mother could even light the candles, Christopher had shoved his younger brother's face straight into the cake. Icing flew everywhere, went up Danny's nose and got in his eyes.

Everything went blank. He couldn't hear anything around him, certainly not his mother yelling at his brother for his wrongdoing. Danny jumped up from his seat and lunged in the direction he thought his brother was located. "I'm going to kill you," he yelled out, swinging his little arm out in attempt to punch Christopher.

His fist instead collided with the glass door of his mother's china cabinet, shattering it and severely injuring his hand. He felt arms around him, holding him back after that, and he fought, trying to break free and find his brother and make him pay for ruining his birthday.

Instead, his father picked him up and rushed him to the emergency room. Danny kicked and screamed the entire way. The party disbanded in his absence; his mother sent all of his friends home. Christopher had gotten his way. Ten stitches and a scolding from his father later, he was home, alone, in his bedroom. He had been grounded and forbidden to play on the Nintendo, so the remainder was spent on the bed crying like the child he still was while he heard his older brother playing Super Mario in the other room.