full name daniel william douglas birthday & age march 19, 1984 & 31 birthplace raleigh, nc current residence boston, ma occupation co-owner of frisky business, enforcer status claimed
Daniel Douglas is the second son of Grant Douglas and his wife Harriet. The couple was young when they had their children, with Danny's younger sister being born just as their father started his last year of law school. The family struggled during the children's youths, but as their father found success as a lawyer with a Raleigh firm, everything changed.

Suddenly, they had money to afford things they hadn't before. Actual milk, a new car, a nice house. It was all foreign to Daniel, and he was the only one not changed by the newfound wealth. While his family embraced it and even started to think lowly of those less fortunate, Daniel never forgot the struggles he faced as a child and tended to act out against his family because of it.

His teenage years were full of nothing but trouble. He was constantly getting sent to the principal's office at the private school he was forced to attend by his father. While he did everything from vandalism to pranking the teachers, the one thing he never stood for was bullying. His older brother wore that badge with honor and constantly did the unthinkable to Dan and his baby sister. Of course, it was always Daniel who took the blame. It was Daniel that the police was eventually called on when Christopher cut Trista's arm open with a butcher knife. The prodigal son could never have committed such an act.

The police didn't have enough evidence to charge him, and, without his sister's testimony, they were forced to let him go, much to his brother's dismay. After a confrontation with Christopher, Daniel decided it was time to move away from North Carolina for good. Without a word to anyone but his younger sister, he packed up everything he owned, took all of the cash he had saved up over the years, and headed to New York City. Through some dumb luck, he was able to finish the rest of his senior year in public school, but that was as far as his education would take him.

It was here that his life took a turn for the better, at least in the sense of meeting the woman who would never leave his side again. A girl he would later learn was named Charlie caught his eye from across the room while they were both in the middle of separate shoplifts in a department store. His target was a jacket, hers was a new pair of shoes. He called her out, called her methods sloppy, and that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

This friendship translated into a partnership, and the two quickly earned a reputation as a duo who could get things done. They taught one another everything they had picked up as kids and even started to learn more than that. Theft and carjackings were just the beginning. Their cons became more complicated, and with that came the respect of the organized crime elements of the city. They fell deeper and deeper into that world and were eventually transferred to Boston to be of better assistance. Dan was excited, while Charlie was not, and he assured her that they were home as long as they were together.

The two run an adult store called Frisky Business that serves as a front for their money laundering. Danny feels more at home in Boston than he has anywhere else. He misses a few things from back home, such as the good food and the sweet tea, but he has never been as comfortable as he is now.

facts Arrested five times for crimes ranging from petty theft to assault.

Barely finished high school but is of decent intelligence. He is smart but lazy.

Ran away from home at age 17 and moved to New York City.

Skilled at picking up new languages. Not fluent in any other than English, but knows enough of others (Italian, Spanish) to skirt by in his schemes.

Moved to Boston for his shadier job and bought an adult store with his partner in crime.

Anti-social. Keeps his friends close but his enemies closer.

Skilled with many firearms, but prefers a pistol for its weight. Also adept with lockpicking, safecracking and avoiding security cameras.

comicverse tie-ins Last name is Douglas, which is Ward's middle name.

Expert marksman and conman.

Has an older brother who bullied him and his younger sibling.


Favorite game is Battleship.

unlocked incentives expert pilot, master martial artist, master spy, multilingualism, pain tolerance, master marksman, skilled manipulator, survival skills, access to weapons, stolen quinjet

family grant douglas (father, 55) harriet douglas (mother, 50) christopher douglas (brother, 34) trista douglas (sister, 29) elena price (daughter, due halloween 2015)